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For Company / Organization

  • BSM® (Behavioral Styles Management)
  • BKPI-API® (Behavioral Key Performance Indicators-Attitude Performance Indicators)

For Individual/Group/Family (by SALON PERILAKU®)

  • LIFETIME CAMP® (The real life camp with real family not other people)
  • BMCHK® (Bakat Minat Cita-Cita Hobi dan Karakter/Karir) free lifetime counseling. Now everyone can have a LIFETIME PRO COUNSELOR!

Care Plus Indonesia  is currently one of the largest domestic organizations of its kind specifically dealing with Behavioral Styles (Manajemen Perilaku) programs.

It’s time for you, group or company to receive the possibility of Quality Program with lifetime guarantee. How is it possible? Before you sign contract with us, we assure that you may have it at our FIRST and FREE INTRODUCTION SEMINAR (Contact us for the right time and schedule).

We are focused not only Knowledges and Experiences but especially in HUMAN ATTITUDE (see the pictures below) which the powerful concept to develop the first and real DILIGENCE QUOTIENT  individual and teamwork.

With this concept, we are capable to give the ultimate services such MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and the FIRST LIFETIME FREE COUNSELING at to all clients. Thanks to our connection in internet, web base meeting, face to face meeting and even at open discussions.


CPI Concepts

We have improve our program into the latest analysis so the coaching investment can be measure and applicable in our lifetime relationship.  The 4 basic indicators that can be guarantee (Money Back Guarantee or Free Lifetime Counseling) resolved with Care Plus Indonesia proven concept are:

  1. RETENTION (daya ingat peserta)
  2. REPETITION (lupa vs diingatkan)
  3. SUBJECTIVITY (jebakan subyektifitas)
  4. COMPATIBILITY (tepat dipraktekkan)


CPI Lifetime Care Clients

We are recognized by Public Seminars, Trainings and Developments, Outsourced HRD Concept, Personal/Group/Company Consultant, ISO9000 Supporting Programs.

Our clients now are more than 35.000  clients in more than 100 Groups or Companies in Indonesia especially in big cities such as: Jakarta, Lampung, Batam, Medan, Bandung, Surabaya, Denpasar, Semarang, Jogjakarta, Manado etc.

Most of them are using our quaterly and yearly base contract programs, we also provide the short-medium seminar training with 2-6 hours programs for all level human resources depend on specific purpose and company size.

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