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    By the time we return to land everyone is ready for a lunch and we eat, with a fascinating view, overlooking the village of Micro Nisi, with Kefalonia floating in the distance. With a number of Modern Greek food on the menu – this is all the time a popular lunch stop. Our final destination in the course of the VIP Shipwreck and Blue Caves Zakynthos boat trip and bus tour, is the pure Sea Spa of Xingia.

    How Far Is Navagio Beach From Athens?

    ‘Marathonisi’ Island, know because the turtle island, is a novel natural sight of Zakynthos. The small paradise beaches round it present the turtles the proper place to provide start to their little ones. Surprisingly, even the shape of the island resembles a turtle, and that’ s why it’s name. This uninhabited island is located off the south coast of the island, opposite ‘Keri’ community. It incorporates tropical vegetation, turquoise waters, seashores, and sea caves.

    Arches and domes which may never have been shaped by the human hand, offer beautiful views and colors. Sun rays reflect via blue sea water from white stones of cave bottoms and walls, creating visible lighting effects. Most of the boat corporations will stop there to provide you time for a fast swim inside the caves.

    Those who want to absolutely experience the phenomenon of the Blue Caves can take a dip within the blue waters. Your entire physique takes on the blue hues and everybody enjoys photographing all the swimming "blue Smurfs"!
    look what i found Don’t fear although, this is simply an optical phantasm and the blue hue will disappear as soon as out of the water.

    After a beautiful drive and pit cease to the top of Xigia Beach we boarded the boats for Shipwreck Beach. Beautiful views and interesting facts in regards to the olives, however this stop was far too lengthy and other people looked visibly bored.

    Most of the boat journeys to the turtle island pay a go to to the magnificent ‘Keri’ caves close by. They resemble the blue caves on the North with wonderful colours and a beautiful underneath-water life, ideal for snorkeling. The shore from Keri community to Keri caves accommodates numerous attention-grabbing rock formations, including arches.

    Our Nefis Travel Zakynthos speedboat has the power to securely enter the Blue Caves of Zante. We cease to take photographs of the sea caves and arches, in addition to the beautiful translucent blue waters.

    Near the shipwreck seaside, you will meet the famous Blue Caves. Nature has crafted there a singular impression in picturesque sea-aspect cliffs, providing the visitor a most extraordinary spectacle.

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