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  • Willumsen Bang posted an update 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Subway Surfers is just like any endless runner in the arcade game genre that many users found to be fun and entertaining. Its premise is very simple, which is to avoid being caught by the grumpy Inspector and his dog that are chasing after you on the subway tracks. You will dodge, slide under, or jump over obstacles that are coming your way. You will earn a higher score if you go farther before you hit an obstacle and crash.

    Although it is simple and easy to play the game, there are times when you suddenly hit a bump and going past your previous high score seems hard. It can be frustrating if this happens because you might think that you couldn’t go any further. However, you should not worry too much because you could have missed trying out a few things that can help increase your scores. If you want to earn that high score once again, here are a few tips that can help you.

    • Run or Hover on Top of Trains

    You have to stay on top of the trains as much as possible because you will have lesser obstacles along the way, which is one helpful way to beat your previous high score. When you find trains on the tracks, you can either jump one train to another or move from left to right. You don’t need to slide under obstacles while you’re on top of the trains so you’re one less obstacle to worry about while you run as fast as you can.

    • Different Hoverboards and Power-Ups

    You can get a higher score with another tip, which is to be familiar with different hoverboards and power-ups that you can use in the game. Each type of hoverboard has its special ability to keep you going further on the train tracks. When you are aware of this and you know when to use it, you are more likely to earn a score that is higher than your previous record. Also, give your game a big boost using power-ups that can help you avoid obstacles, such as flying or jumping over them for a certain period.

    • Don’t Forget Your Upgrades

    Your upgrades should also be used as much as possible, especially with the power-ups that you have. Take advantage of the JetPack that offers a big boost on how you play the Subway Surfers game.

    • Use Keys Wisely

    The keys that offer great values can be used to revive your character and make it continue to run despite hitting the obstacle. However, because their cost could increase over time, make sure to use them wisely and with extra care. Use them only when you are already in the long run instead of using them during short runs.

    Just like in most games, it is nothing new to see yourself stuck in Subway Surfers. The new high score becomes harder to achieve the most you play the game and the more you try to get it. Fortunately,
    why people are addicted to this game has so much to offer and you might have overlooked before a few things that you need to do.

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