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Care Plus Indonesia

Organization Name Care Plus Indonesia
Date of Establishment January 2005
Founder / Managing Partner William Wiguna
NPWP 17.549.648.8-036.000
Offices Tirta Mansion Premier Jl. Permata Bunda C1/29 Lippo Village Tangerang 15811
Telp 021 5985 544/5
Website www.careplusindonesia.com
Number of Staff/Team 4 persons and 15 coaches
Partners Background Business Owners and Senior Employees
Contact Number HP/WA: 0818-839469
Email william@careplusindonesia.com

The History

Care Plus Indonesia's History

Starting as a professional in Industrial Business in 1990-2000 and Marketing Business by 2000-2007, William Wiguna established the Care Plus Indonesia and in 2005 as the Free Consultant with Human Behavior speciality. Introduced by Mr. Tung Desem Waringin in Financial Revolution (2007), Care Plus Indonesia now has been known widely in Indonesia, until now. Care Plus® brand has registered in 10 November 2009 with register number: IDM000309099 and Salon Perilaku® brand in 18 December 2012. We are grateful  as for OUR CONCEPT is DOMESTIC PRODUCT OF INDONESIA.

Vision and Mission

Lifetime Program

Care Plus Indonesia® as the first life time program in Business, Social and Family, should become the best company in attitude service excellent with focusing on TECHNICAL and NON TECHNICAL practical balancing improvement in Human Development

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